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SpectraPLUS-SC Produkt-Optionen

Der Funktionsumfang von SpectraPLUS-SC kann jederzeit durch zusätzliche Optionen eigener Wahl erweitert werden. So können Sie SpectraPLUS-SC individuell nach Ihren Bedürfnissen zusammenstellen.

Base Analyzer Features include Single Channel Operation, Real Time Mode, Spectrum, Time Series, and Phase displays, Narrowband FFT sizes through 32,768 points, 1/1, and 1/3 Octave Analysis, Triggering, Markers, Overlays, Averaging, Peak Hold, Decimation, Mic Compensation, A, B, C Spectral Weighting
Option /01Dual Channel ProcessingDual Channel Operations – Real and Complex Transfer Functions, Coherence, Average, Cross Spectrum and cross channel delay compensation
Option /02Recording and Post Processing ModesRecorder and Post Processing modes – allows direct hard disk recording and playback. Post Processing mode provides comprehensive analysis from WAV files. Includes Digital Filtering capability
Option /03Signal Generator UtilityAdvanced Signal Generation – Pink/White noise, Noise Burst, Frequency Sweep, Frequency Step, Level Sweep, 1 kHz tone, Multiple Tones, Saw, Square, Pulse, IMD test tones and User Defined WAV source. Can generate different signals in each channel
Option /04Color Spectrogram DisplaySpectrogram View – displays the spectrum versus time in greyscale or color format for advanced joint time-frequency analysis.
Option /053-D Surface Display3-D Surface View – displays the spectrum versus time in a 3-Dimensional perspective format
Option /06Distortion Analysis UtilitiesDistortion Analysis – measurement utilities for THD, THD+N, IMD, SNR, NF, SINAD. Each measurement is displayed in real time in a separate resizeable window. Also includes a dedicated THD+N versus Frequency utility that quickly and conveniently measures the distortion characteristics of your device over a range of frequencies.
Option /07High Resolution AnalysisAdds 24 bit sampling precision and sampling rates above 48kHz (sound card dependent). Adds FFT sizes up to 1,048,576 points, and Octave scaling to 1/96
Option /08Advanced Scaling and CalibrationAdds independent channel calibration and scaling for left and right channels with separate views for each. Useful for applications requiring separate channel scaling and calibration such as simultaneous sound and vibration measurements. This option also includes calibration conversions from Acceleration to Velocity or Displacement; also adds Power Specral Density scaling option for accurate noise measurements
Option /09Acoustic ToolsReverberation Time (RT60) utility features bar graph of reverberation time versus frequency band, 3-D Surface plot of the decay versus frequency and individual decay plots versus time. Delay Finder measures delay between two channels in milliseconds, feet or meters. Speed of sound – converts the delay value between milliseconds, feet or meters. Equivalent Noise (Leq) utility provides comprehensive noise level calculations for LeqT, Leq, Lpk , Lsel, Lmax, Lmin, L10, L50, L90. Stereo Phase Scope for real-time monitoring and analysis of signal phase. Phase scope mode displays a standard oscilloscope X-Y orientation (lissajous pattern) for analysis of phase, polarity, missing channel detection and stereo separation monitoring
Option /10Automation ToolsMacro Command Processor utility allows you to easily automate measurements, record SPL and spectral data at user specified intervals/duration with time/date stamp, save files with user-defined names using a script-based programming language. It uses the underlying DDE syntax for an automation solution without requiring a third party program.


Automation interface API allows the capability for an external program to control and read results from the analyzer in real time. Works with any program that supports COM such as C++, VB, Excel, and others.

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) allows the capability for an external program to control and read results from the analyzer in real time. Works with any program that supports DDE such as C++, VB, Excel, Access and others.

Data Logging utility produces an output text file containing selected spectral parameters + time-stamp for dynamic signal tracking and unattended event monitoring.